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Pi Freestyle Song Art Improved.jpg
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Jun 14

Bruh, this is fire 🔥

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Thank you for checking out this freestyle and thank you to all the backers for the crowd fund!

I love you all.

Enjoy the track and look forward to more exclusive content and updates for my debut album, "Reconciled".

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Loyalty Song Art.jpeg
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Thanks you for checking out the new single 'Loyalty' from my upcoming debut album 'Reconciled'.

Comment how you felt about the song!

Thank you!

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Praise God EP Cover_Final A.jpg
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About Dreez

A Musical Journey

Music has been therapeutic and my attempt to emulate musical influences. Ive always enjoyed using lyrical prowess to express struggles and amusement with various life experiences. 

I have been writing a long time and Ive done tons songs alone, with all of my friends, and other various artist. With support from my lady, family, and friends I decided to take my talent more seriously. My music is often a culmination of my most recent life experiences expressed with Jazzy/Trap/BoomBap beats. 

My music talks about my relationship with God and how it has positively impacted my life. Since establishing and growing my spiritual relationship my life has changed dramatically. My music is peppered with aspects of my growth as a person. My music also has some lyrical fun via metaphors, anecdotes, and other forms of wordplay. 


In my music I attempt to express everything that happens in my life transparently. Every significant emotion good or bad I try to release it through my lyrics.

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