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Mac Miller

My first experience with Mac came from a mixtape titled Best Day Ever. I imagine that I liked the sound because that led me to other Mac Miller works like K.I.D.S. and eventually GOOD : AM which I used to listen to every morning on the way to work while I was catching the bus and train to Baltimore City Community College. His sound was like pure hip hop with some melodies and vocals that were transformative in nature. Faces, one of his best works, sealed the deal for me. He was one of the best rap artist alive at the time. Everytime I introduced one of my friends or family to a Mac Miller song they instantly fell in love with him. One of my favorite songs from him is Here We Go from his mixtape Faces. I even did a cover of the song with my own verse on it which you can listen to and enjoy the

parrallels between Mac's verse and my own. I dont know how I found out that he died but people that cared for me and knew me well contacted me letting me know he had passed and they wanted to make sure I was OK. Swimming is my favorite (I'm playing favorites now haha) album from him.

It has a perfect blend of the mellodic Mac and the rappity raps like from Watching the Movies with the Sound Off. I tried to listen to Circles but I couldnt bear it. It was missing something for me though I was not sure what. Mac has had a profound effect on my approach to making rap music and inspired me to be more liberal with my use of singing vocals where I feel comfortable adding my voice. If there was a white rapper that I enjoyed more that Eminem and Asher Roth it was Mac Miller.

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